Top 10 Flashback: February 10, 1964 – WIBG Philadelphia


Originally written February 6, 2014.

Welcome aboard!  This week we’re gonna do another 50th anniversary special, but this time it will be for a happy occasion.  In November, we looked at the top 10 from when John F. Kennedy was assassinated ( ), this week we’ll look back a half century to the event many say pulled America out of its doldrums.

No matter what some people may have to say, this was possibly the biggest single event in the history of popular music and culture, not just in America, but worldwide. (England had already had their Beatles moment.) Yes, even bigger than Elvis.  No musical act before or since has had the kind of lasting impact and influence that the Beatles have, and it’s doubtful any ever will.  They set the tone for the rest of the 60’s and beyond – even today, many young people profess themselves to be Beatle fans.  Not bad for a group that broke up seven years after their first album.

For this special T10FB, we will set our dial to 990 WIBG in Philadelphia, a/k/a Wibbage, home of the legendary Hy Lit and Joe Niagara, and look at the top 10 from that week.  Obviously, the Beatles’ TV appearance was too late to have had any influence on this survey, but as you’ll see, Philly and the rest of America was ready.  Besides what you see here, the Fab Four was also at #13 with “Please Please Me/From Me To You,” and even Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers’ “My Bonnie,” recorded in Germany in 1961 and produced by Bert Kaempfert, was at #44.  It was Beatlemania!

Yes, I made a podcast!  It has the usual retro jingles and period commercials.  Listen or download from SoundCloud:

So close your eyes and I’ll kiss you, tomorrow I’ll miss you!  Survey dated February 10, 1964.

Tams – What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am)

This was the Tams’ only real success in America.  They did have a few more hits in the UK, including a #1.  They gave us the Beatles, we gave them the Tams.  Even Steven.

Impressions – Talking About My Baby

Another exceptional piece of what the Brits call northern soul, featuring the great Curtis Mayfield.  Sorry for the audio quality – there were four videos available for this song, and this is the one that sounded the least like ass.

Andy Williams – A Fool Never Learns

Surprisingly uptempo number from Mr. Williams, who also hosted a variety show on television.  Just like Ed Sullivan.  Let’s actually tie this in with the Beatles:

“In the early 1970s, when the Nixon Administration attempted to deport John Lennon, Williams was an outspoken defender of the former Beatle’s right to stay in the United States.” -Wikipedia

Marketts – Out Of Limits

You’ve certainly heard this before.  This rocked-up version of the theme from “The Outer Limits” sounded best on the radio as the last song of the hour, just before the news.

Four Seasons – Dawn (Go Away)

One of many, many hits for Frankie Valli and company, most of which are still heard on oldies radio.  Kinda like those four lads from Liverpool.

Rick Nelson – For You

Well, he was still known as Ricky Nelson then.  The title didn’t ring a bell with me, then I played it.  I swear I’ve heard it before.

Major Lance – Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um

Written by Curtis Mayfield, this excellent song was Major Lance’s followup to “Monkey Time.”

Beatles – She Loves You

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Lesley Gore – You Don’t Own Me

Funny that Lesley Gore, who made her name with songs about crying over being dumped, would come out with this, a sort of early feminist anthem.

All right, are you ready for WIBG’s #1 song of the week?  Then you need to get ready some more, because for the first time in T10FB history, we have a double-sided #1!

I never would have guessed.

Listen to this week’s podcast or I’ll sic my dog on you!

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