Top 10 Flashback: October 20, 1969 – WKOR Starkville, MS


Originally written October 18, 2013.

What’s up, loyal readers?  It’s the weekend, and time to give you T10FB fans another look into our musical past.  Sorry, no podcast this week; the time I would have spent doing that was spent watching the ALCS, mostly in agony.  Being a Detroit sports fan is like being constantly cockteased, and in this case, all the great pitching in the world doesn’t negate the fact that if you want to win, you must score more runs than the other team.  Winning two at Fenway isn’t out of the question, but it won’t happen if the hitting doesn’t improve.  The Tigers are paying Prince Fielder $23 million this year alone for…whatever the fuck it is he’s doing.  The only times I’ve seen him on base in the playoffs have been after ball four, and that ain’t happening much, either.

OK, rant over.  This week we will travel to the teeming metropolis of Starkville, Mississippi, and point our AM tuner at 980, WKOR, and listen to the top ten songs on their Super Sound Survey from this week in 1969.

One thing you’ll notice is how whitebread this list is.  There’s only one black group in the top 10 here, and they sounded as white as anyone else.  Since this is a small market in Mississippi, and 1969 was just on this side of the civil rights movement, I probably shouldn’t be surprised.  To be totally cliche, it is what it is, but if you love soul music (me!) don’t expect to find any here.  Survey dated October 20, 1969.

Let’s go!

Wedding Bell Blues – Fifth Dimension

Good Lord, was Marilyn McCoo one of the most gorgeous ladies ever or what?  I like me some long black shiny hair, too!  Song was written by Laura Nyro, and it just so happened that Marilyn was engaged to bandmate Billy Davis Jr. at the time.  They’re still married today.

I’m Gonna Make You Mine – Lou Christie

Lou Christie had several hits throughout the 60’s, the biggest being “Lightning Strikes” in 1966.  This was his last American hit, but he would have one more in the UK.

Something/Come Together – Beatles

The double-sided threat from Abbey Road.

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes – Crosby, Stills & Nash

Stephen Stills’s epic love song for singer Judy Collins, written just after she dumped him for actor Stacy Keach.  There was a single edit version for AM radio; it’s a butchered mess and not worth searching for.

Tracy – Cuff Links

We go from a seven-minute song to one that’s barely two.  Sound like the Archies (“Sugar, Sugar”) to you?  It should – the Cuff Links and the Archies were both studio creations of singer Ron Dante.  I’ll bet the drummer had a ball recording this one.

Baby It’s You – Smith

Very cool reworking of the old Shirelles song.  And Gayle McCormick sure was foxy, wasn’t she?

Little Woman – Bobby Sherman

Oh, come on, it’s not THAT bad.  The girls LOVED Bobby Sherman until David Cassidy came along.

Everybody’s Talkin’ – Nilsson

Grammy-winning song, best known for its use in “Midnight Cowboy.”

Carry Me Back – Rascals

Here’s the closest to R&B you’re gonna get here.  I barely remember this, yet here it is at #2 in lil’ ol’ Starkville, Mississippi.  Hail regionalism!

And now we’ve come to the top of the pops, the cream of the crop, the biggest song in all of Starkville 44 years ago this week according to Radio 98, WKOR is:

We’re caught in a trap…

Don’t hold back!  Let your feelings and memories fly!  Have a great weekend!


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