“Oh, wow!” Song Of The Day: Sandpipers – Guantanamera (1966)



Today’s forgotten oldie is a Cuban folk song about unrequited love that became their best-known patriotic song, and came to America via Pete Seeger.  Huh? Continue reading

“Oh, wow!” Song Of The Day: Mike Post – The Rockford Files (1975)



If the theme song of a TV show from the past 40 years is catchy and memorable, chances are it was written by Mike Post.  His theme songs are so good that many of them were released as singles and received Top 40 airplay; the theme from “The Greatest American Hero” actually reached #2 in 1981.  Today’s featured song was Post’s big breakthrough in that field. Continue reading

Top 10 Flashback: July 27, 1965 – KQV Pittsburgh


So, how’s it hangin’, loyal readers?  Getting hot where you’re at?  I’m not sure, but I think we are in the dog days of summer.  I once read where that term came from, but I can’t remember and I’m too damn lazy to look it up.  This summer hasn’t been bad here at all – a few high 80’s/low 90’s days, but mostly just nice, sunny days in the mid-upper 70’s.  Works for me.  If the temps are brutal where you are, beat the heat with a Top 10 flashback! Continue reading