Top 10 Flashback: July 27, 1965 – KQV Pittsburgh


So, how’s it hangin’, loyal readers?  Getting hot where you’re at?  I’m not sure, but I think we are in the dog days of summer.  I once read where that term came from, but I can’t remember and I’m too damn lazy to look it up.  This summer hasn’t been bad here at all – a few high 80’s/low 90’s days, but mostly just nice, sunny days in the mid-upper 70’s.  Works for me.  If the temps are brutal where you are, beat the heat with a Top 10 flashback!

Pittsburgh has been fighting with Detroit for decades over who had the first radio station.  Our WWJ, originally known as 8MK, signed on first, but Pittsburgh’s KDKA was the first commercially licensed station.  Pittsburgh also lays claim to another set of call letters that have been around for over 90 years, KQV, 1410 on the dial, which is the station we’re tuning to this week.  Among KQV’s Top 40 alumni are the late Rod Roddy, the announcer for “The Price Is Right,” and Rush Limbaugh, who went by the on-air name Jeff Christie.  We will be hearing the 1965 version of Groovy QV, emanating from their studios at the corner of Walk and Don’t Walk.  Since they were owned by ABC then, their presentation echoed big brother WABC in New York and WXYZ in Detroit. KQV has been all-news since 1975, over twice as long as they were Top 40, but if you hanker for the days when the hits were heard on 1410, there’s a very good tribute site with lots of airchecks, photos, and stuff here:

So give us 22 minutes and we’ll give you the world!  Survey dated July 27, 1965.

Johnny Rivers – Seventh Son

Good rockin’ cover of the Willie Dixon blues classic.  I like Johnny Rivers, and one reason is that his vocal range matches mine, so I frequently pick one of his songs on karaoke night, usually “Secret Agent Man.”  I can NAIL that one!

Jay & The Americans – Cara Mia

This is a song I always kinda liked.  Jay Black certainly is a great singer, and the production is top-notch, but I’d rather hear him doing “This Magic Moment” or “Walking In The Rain.”  Doesn’t detract from the goodness of this song, though.

Dave Clark Five – I Like It Like That

Damn, this song’s short – barely a minute and a half.  The Dave Clark Five rivaled the Beatles in popularity for a little while, but couldn’t keep it together.  They sure cranked out some awesome stuff while it lasted.

Sonny & Cher – I Got You Babe

Wow, this list is chock full of all-time classics.  This one has been especially enduring – many young couples still ask for it at weddings 49 years later.  Will they ask for John Legend’s “All Of Me” in 2063?  Somehow I doubt it.  But they may ask for this.

Herman’s Hermits – I’m Henry VIII, I Am

This is another song I can do well on karaoke night.  Herman’s Hermits will never get the respect that the Beatles or the Stones do, but they weren’t really going for that.  This is just plain a fun song.

Rolling Stones – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

What can I say about one of the most important songs in rock & roll history?  I do remember some kind of study where they found that the rhythm of the song interferes with some people’s body rhythms and could cause seizures or some shit.  Did that actually happen to anyone?

Gary Lewis & The Playboys – Save Your Heart For Me

A recurring theme in the old days was “see you in September,” which, of course, includes the song by that name.  There was this, “Sealed With A Kiss,” “It Might As Well Rain Until September,” and certainly a few others.  Did no couples stay together over the summer then?  And what the hell was she doing while away?  She wasn’t rubbing the suntan lotion on herself, I’ll tell you that.

Beach Boys – California Girls

Another song that’s such a classic it’s tough to write a comment about.  1965 was a hell of a musical year, wasn’t it?

Tom Jones – What’s New, Pussycat?

Tom Jones is one of my favorite singers – he’s wonderfully over the top and seems like a pretty cool guy.  Just what did he mean by “soon I’ll be kissing your sweet little pussycat lips,” huh?  Seems there’s an extra syllable there…

All right, it’s “oh, wow” time here on T10FB.  By the way, there’s now a daily “oh, wow” song here.  Don’t worry, I’ll remind you at the end.  Anyway, R&B singer Lee Dorsey did well in the early-mid 60’s with dance songs.  He’s probably best known for “Ya Ya” (“sittin’ here, la la, waitin’ for my ya ya…”).  This is a song to do the pony to, hence the name, but it also works at home, at work, and in your car.  At #27 this week on KQV’s Official Finest Forty, here’s Lee Dorsey with “Ride Your Pony.”

It may sound funny, but I don’t believe she’s coming, uh-huh, uh-huh…got that stuck in my head now.  Thanks a lot, Lee Dorsey!

So now it’s time for the biggest song in all of Groovy QV land.  The anticipation is thick, and time goes by so slowly:

This is what you open the dance floor with when the bride & groom are done with their stuff.  It always works.

Be sure to come back every day for the “oh, wow” song of the day and other musical features.  Come for the flashbacks, stay for the pie!

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