Top 10 Flashback: August 2, 1972 – KYA San Francisco



What’s up, y’all?  Welcome to August!  We’re now on the downward side, so if you’ve got a summer to-do list, time to get busy.  Maybe you’re wallowing in nostalgia for summers past and want to try to recapture the magic.  I can help with a Top 10 flashback!

KYA was one of San Francisco’s first radio stations.  They first went on the air in 1926 at 970 KHz, moved around the dial a few times like a lot of stations did in the early days, and finally settled at 1260 in 1941.  KYA was an early adopter of the Top 40 format in the 50’s, and was the Bay Area’s leading station of its kind until KFRC picked up the Drake format (a la KHJ) in 1966.  They hung on until 1977, then a few years later committed a mortal sin – they dumped a three-letter call sign, which you can’t get back, when they were bought by Bonneville.  Today 1260 is KSFB, the Bay Area’s home of Catholic radio.

By 1972, KYA was getting hammered by not only KFRC, but FM rock radio.  It was a common tale across the country, but San Francisco really embraced free-form rockers like KSAN and KMPX.  Nonetheless, KYA was still pumping out the hits, and we’ll join them in the first week of August 1972.  Quite a few classics to be heard here.

So put the lime in the coconut, then you feel better!  Survey dated August 2, 1972.

Hollies – Long Cool Woman

The best song Creedence never did.  Watching this video will settle the age-old question “um, what the fuck are they saying there?”

Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose – Too Late To Turn Back Now

God, I love this song.  It’s family vacations, fishing on the dock at my uncle’s house on a small island, hanging out with friends, and the first girl I really liked.  I close my eyes with this song playing and there I am, back in the summer of ’72.  Sweet place to be.

Wayne Newton – Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast

Man, those summer of ’72 memories must be really powerful – even this song does it for me.  Definitely my least favorite on this list, but its time and place saves it from my personal gutter.

Al Green – I’m Still In Love With You

I don’t think Al Green was capable of doing a bad song, and this is my favorite from him.  It’s just a perfect bit of soul.

Luther Ingram – If Loving You Is Wrong

Like everything else this week, this one stirs all the right memories for me.  The subject matter was a bit controversial then.

Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – Where Is The Love

At the risk of gushing over these songs, here’s another A+ selection.  A beautiful piece of work.

Bill Withers – Lean on Me

It’s pretty clear that the summer I was ten was one of my favorite times of my life.  Even if that weren’t so, this is still a great bunch of songs, and this is one of the greatest.

Looking Glass – Brandy

One of the biggest hits of the year.  Repeated plays on oldies radio over the years have diminished its impact, but I still like the song.

Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone Again (Naturally)

Think modern rock has a monopoly on depressing, suicidal lyrics?  Click play and drown in your own sorrows.  Fun fact:  This was the #5 song of the entire decade according to Billboard.

This KYA chart is weird.  It goes from 1-15, then 19, 30, 36, and 47, then a bunch of hitbounds.  It’s that way in the original printing.  Kinda tough to pick an “oh, wow” song out of this, so I’ll just refer you here.  Y’know, since I already wrote it up and stuff.

OK, it’s time for the biggest song in KYA land 42 years ago this week.  If you’re wondering what it could be, don’t waste your time:

Man, what a thing of beauty.  This song is absolutely sublime.  T of P was and is a fantastic group.

This may be my favorite T10FB I’ve ever written.  It brought back a flood of good times and great memories.  Did it do that for you, too?  Tell us below and keep on truckin’!

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