Top 10 Flashback: August 9, 1982 – KNBQ Tacoma


Yo!  Whaddup?  Kickin’ it wit da homiez on Friday, bitchez!  We gonna tear zome zhit up like y’all never zeen!

Now I’ll step out of character (a middle-aged white man pretending to be only 15 years out of date, and failing there) and tell you it’s really tough to type shit like that.  Y’know what else is tough?  Figuring out what year and city I want to use for a Top 10 flashback!

All right, I got it.  I’m not well-versed on the Seattle area, but it seems to me that Tacoma is to Seattle what Ann Arbor is to Detroit – a smaller city far enough away to have its own identity, but close enough to be part of the larger metropolitan area.  Correct me if I’m wrong – I probably am.  Anyhow, this week we’re tuning in to Tacoma’s KNBQ, 97.3 on your FM stereo dial.  KNBQ played the hits from 1972-1988, when they flipped to oldies as K-Best (KBSG).  They eventually evolved into classic hits, as most FM oldies stations did, then magically became a Seattle station in 2008 when they changed to KIRO-FM and took over the duties of AM 710.  The KNBQ calls moved to 102.9, where they stayed until last year; they’re now in southern California.  But we’re here to examine how it was, so we’ll turn back the clock to this week in 1982 and dig what Tacoma was digging on KNBQ.

So hold onto sixteen as long as you can!  Survey dated August 9, 1982.

Melissa Manchester – You Should Hear How She Talks About You

This was a song I pretty much ignored.  Didn’t really hate it, but it offered me nothing.  It did win Melissa Manchester the Grammy for best female vocal performance, so there’s that.

Hall & Oates – Your Imagination

God help me, I don’t remember this song at all.  I had the original greatest hits package, “Rock ‘n Soul Part 1,” on vinyl, and this wasn’t on it.  Not a bad song, though.  Sorry I missed it.

Go-Go’s – Vacation

The Go-Go’s were a lot of fun to listen to.  I’d rather hear their earlier stuff like “Our Lips Are Sealed,” but this is fine.

Eddie Money – Think I’m In Love

I think my daughter is a bigger Eddie Money fan than I ever was.  But just like dad, she’d rather hear “Baby Hold On,” a song that proves Eddie’s got soul.  He just chose not to use it here.  He does seem like a pretty cool guy when he’s being interviewed on the radio, though.

Crosby, Stills & Nash – Wasted On The Way

Decent effort from CSN – their harmonies were just as sharp as ever.  A song about the evils of procrastination.

John Cougar – Jack And Diane

Surely everybody knows this one.  He hadn’t changed his last name to Mellencamp yet.

Paul McCartney – Take It Away

Man, I really wasn’t paying attention, and I can’t blame it all on having been in Germany at the time.  I remember the song, but had no idea it was Paul McCartney.  Or what it was called.  Ah well, I couldn’t tell you what I did in two years overseas.  I remember smoking a lot of hashish, but everything else is a blur.  Makes sense, I guess.

Fleetwood Mac – Hold Me

Man, such a drop in quality from all the “classic” artists here.  The song’s OK, but Fleetwood Mac is capable of so much better.  It really was all about the video.

Chicago – Hard To Say I’m Sorry

Chicago is touring with REO Speedwagon this year.  That tells you all you need to know.  Another group that once was awesome, then chose not to be.

Wanna hear the “oh, wow” song of the week?  It was #22 this week and you’ll find it here.

So what can you say about this week’s number one song?  It was rising up, straight to the top:

I’ve got a confession to make.  I NEVER liked this song.  Ever.

Post some comments, fer chrissake!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Flashback: August 9, 1982 – KNBQ Tacoma

  1. Otis R. Needleman

    Korea guy here. Brings back memories. Second tour in Korea, commanding troops this time as a second lieutenant. Great place. Great mission. Great people. As always, thanks for the blog.

    • Wait ’til Otis sees us! He loves us!

      Welcome aboard, my man. Poke around here a bit – you’ll find most of the past flashbacks archived here, plus quite a few forgotten oldies and special flashbacks you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy!

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