T10FB Redux: August 16, 1978 – WHB Kansas City


Originally written August 17, 2013.

Welcome to another Top 10 Flashback!  Last week, one of our listeners requested a look at 1978, and we aim to please, so here are the top ten songs of 35 years ago this week from AM 710, The New WHB in Kansas City.  Survey dated August 16, 1978, the first anniversary of the death of Elvis.

Let’s go!

Walter Egan – Magnet And Steel

Fun fact:  This song happened to be playing on the radio during my, um, first time.  Yeah, with a real live girl.  I bought the 45 soon afterward to relive the experience.  I liked the song anyway, but thanks to that radio station happening to play it at that moment, it became quite important to me.

Little River Band – Reminiscing

I was 16 in the summer of ’78, so it was a year of milestones.  This was on the Delco AM radio the first time I ever drove my first car, a 1969 Chevrolet Impala.  Dark blue, 2-door, 350-4 bbl., would love to have that one back.  Parents, don’t let your teenage son have a big, powerful car; he’ll just beat the shit of it and leave a trail of hideous death and mayhem behind him.  Trust me on this.  Anyhow, this was the Little River Band’s best song, for what that’s worth.

Joe Walsh – Life’s Been Good

There were always a few songs that crossed over from FM rock radio in those days.  Made being stuck with an AM radio a little more bearable.  Yeah, they hacked away half the song, but at least we got to hear it in the car.

A Taste Of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie

Seems Capitol/EMI doesn’t like this being on YouTube, so someone hit full throttle on the tempo control to circumvent the copyright police.  The result, as you’ll hear, is incredible.  Oh yeah, one of the better disco songs.  Nice bass line.

Rolling Stones – Miss You

Many people say “Some Girls” was the last truly relevant album from the Stones.  They have a point – it was never the same after this.  This song was probably the best rock/disco hybrid of the time.

Foreigner – Hot Blooded

I don’t NEED no instructions to know how to ROCK!

Pablo Cruise – Love Will Find A Way

The FM rock stations played it, so it must have been good.  Right?

Olivia Newton-John – Hopelessly Devoted To You

I never got “Grease.”  This is probably due to the fact that I have a penis.  Also, if you remember from last week, I just plain do not like any songs by ON-J.

Frankie Valli – Grease

All right, I have a soft spot for this one; I associate it with the story related in #10.  This is probably due to the fact that I have a penis.

http://thebig8.net/number_1_then_and_number_1_now.wav <—Number 1 then and number 1 now!

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the top song 35 years ago this week on AM 710, The New WHB, Kansas City:

What a letdown.

Share your stories, comments, and hate mail below.

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