Top 10 Flashback: August 17, 1967 – WAPE Jacksonville


WAPE Front

So what’s up, loyal readers?  You may have heard we had an epic rainfall here Monday – about 5″ of rain in an hour.  Thought I was gonna have to build an ark to get around.  Every freeway in the area flooded, some as high as the overpasses.  Thousands of basements flooded.  Governor declared a state of emergency.  Thank God I just got a few puddles in the usual spots – nothing got ruined.  Some people has as much as 5 feet of water in their basements, and some had sewage backups.  Cars submerged all over town.  Then on Wednesday, New York showed us how it’s really done and got twice as much rain.  Fuckers!  So if your house flooded, salvage what you can and dry off with a Top 10 flashback!

When you make a list of America’s great Top 40 stations, the Mighty 690, the Big Ape, WAPE in Jacksonville Eff Ell Ay, has to be included.  For one thing, they had a pool outside their original facility.  Yes, a swimming pool.  There was a practical reason – the water was also used to cool the transmitter, which was especially important when the station went to 50,000 watts and began broadcasting 24/7 in the 60’s.  WAPE also had the Ape Call, used every hour with the station ID.  It’s heard in several spots here, the first at 0:48:

Of course, WAPE was also an early home for the Greaseman in the 70’s, and a lot of other great talent has taken a dip in that pool.  The Big Ape is still playing the hits for Jacksonville today at 95.1 FM, and still uses the Ape Call.  Nice to see some traditions haven’t been trashed.  690 is now WOKV, a conservative talk station.  We’ll tune our radio to 690, set that secret time warp dial to 1967, and hear Jacksonville’s top ten tunes from the third week of August.

So a splendid time is guaranteed for all!  Survey dated August 17, 1967.

Otis Redding & Carla Thomas – Tramp

Play this for your kids and tell them this is what R&B is supposed to sound like.  Unfortunately, Otis wouldn’t be with us much longer.

Turtles – You Know What I Mean

I dunno.  This one kinda smacks of a throwaway to me; a placeholder to keep the group on the charts.  Not a terrible song by any means, but not everything gets to become a classic, or even an “oh, wow” song.

Neil Diamond – Thank The Lord For The Nighttime

Tell your kids that Neil Diamond actually rocked in the beginning.  They’ll say “Who?”, tell you you’re old, and put on some dubstep.  But Neil really did rock in the early years.

Grass Roots – Let’s Live For Today

“Midnight Confessions” is my favorite Grass Roots song, but this one’s their best.  Ya follow me?  My daughter likes dubstep, but also likes this.

Bee Gees – To Love Somebody

I’d have to peg this as the best of the brothers Gibb’s pre-disco years.  Maybe “New York Mining Disaster 1941.”  Just no wimpy stuff, please.  Thanks.

Daybreakers – I’m In Love

Well, it finally happened.  For the first time since I’ve been doing this, I’ve struck out.  I can’t find this song anywhere.  I can’t even find it mentioned.  It’s like it never really existed.  There were two bands by this name, one from Iowa and one from Ohio.  The Iowa group was a psychedelic garage band, so this must be the Ohio Daybreakers.  The closest I could find was an acetate of another song from the previous year:

If anyone has this song, for the love of God, share it with us!  Help support your T10FB!

Aretha Franklin – Baby, I Love You

Damn, that’s the best I’ve EVER seen Aretha look.  Never thought I could describe Aretha Franklin as sexy, but yeah, I wouldn’t mind crawling into that picture and jumping dem big ol’ bones.  Oh, top-notch work from both her and the Muscle Shoals folks.

Bobbie Gentry – Ode To Billie Joe

If Sgt. Pepper defined the summer of ’67, this song defined the fall.  It shot up to the top the week after this and stayed there for four weeks, spending a total of nine weeks in the top 10.  Funny that a song that was that phenomenal of a hit has disappeared from the airwaves.  Too country for oldies radio, I guess, but a hell of a story.

Bobby Vee – Come Back When You Grow Up

Robert Velline’s career was born the day the music died.  When the plane carrying Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper went down, it was headed for Bobby Vee’s hometown of Fargo, North Dakota.  A Fargo radio station asked for local talent to fill in at the Winter Dance Party, and Velline stepped forward with some high school friends.  They performed at the show in Holly’s place and were well-received.  Bobby Vee’s had a long career, and even once toured with Bob Dylan when he was an unknown.  Sadly, he’s been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease since 2012.

You’ll find the “oh, wow” song of the week at #26 on the Big Ape’s Tuff Thirty.  Find out what it is here.

So what was the cream of the crop in America’s largest city (yes, it is; 874 square miles) this week in 1967?  Try everything to stop but there’s no denying:

Yep, the Monkees went psychedelic, too.

Well, that’s it.  Another T10FB come and gone.  Thinking about heading to the Woodward Dream Cruise today – haven’t been to it since 2007.  Meanwhile, I suggest you check out the repeats of last year’s flashbacks from 1973 and 1978.  They’re fresh again!

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