Top 10 Flashback: September 3, 1971 – CKVN Vancouver



Hello there, faithful readers!  It’s time for another holiday, as we reflect and show our appreciation for the working men and women who made this country what it is by cooking steaks and burgers on a grill and drinking a bunch of beer.  Sounds perfect to me.  So crack open an ice cold one and let’s all enjoy a Top 10 flashback!

Now they don’t have Labor Day in Canada.  No, they have Labour Day instead, and it’s also on Monday.  We haven’t been to Canada in a while (CKLW doesn’t really count), so let’s head out west and put on 1410, CKVN in Vancouver.  This is the oldest station in Canada that’s still on the air; it began life as CJCE in 1922, had a few call letter and frequency changes, then became CFUN in the 50’s and began doing Top 40.  They dumped the format in 1967 for easy listening, then went all-news as CKVN two years later, then returned to Top 40 in 1970.  They once again became CFUN in 1973 and stuck with Top 40 until 1984.  Today 1410 has a sports format (how novel!) while the CFUN calls are at FM 104.9, but that station, known as “Sonic,” has no relation to the station we’re featuring this week.  Whaddya say we slip back to Labo(u)r Day 1971 and dig the far out, groovy sounds of CKVN, man?  It’s a beauty way to go!

So whatcha see is whatcha get!  Survey dated September 3, 1971.

Rare Earth – I Just Want To Celebrate

FUCK YEAH!!!  Now that’s how you start a countdown!  Rare Earth was Motown’s token white rock group, and the great Norman Whitfield, who was responsible for the Temptations’ psychedelic era, was their producer.  Berry Gordy tried hard to get into the rock market, but Rare Earth was the only group that went anywhere.

George Harrison – Bangla Desh

The famous Concert For Bangladesh had been held just a month earlier, inspired by a conversation George Harrison had with Ravi Shankar (yes, Norah Jones’s father) about the strife in that part of the world.  In a matter of weeks, Harrison was able to put together the lineup and book Madison Square Garden, and recorded this song to raise initial awareness.  It was the first truly major benefit concert, was a huge success, and spawned such events as Live Aid and Farm Aid.

The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again

Damn, this is shaping up to be one rockin’ countdown!  This was the Who’s finest moment, period.  Top 40 stations played a shortened edit; if you must hear it, here you go:

Unless you’re a purist, why bother?

Doors – Riders On The Storm

Wow, is this a Top 10 flashback or the playlist for a classic rock station?  The last song on the last Doors album.

Three Dog Night – Liar

This one should be on classic rock stations, but isn’t, at least not here.  From the album “Naturally,” which also produced their greatest hit, “Joy To The World.”

Ocean – We Got A Dream

This was a hit only in Canada.  In the U.S., we knew this group for “Put Your Hand In The Hand.”

Guess Who – Rain Dance

One of Canada’s best groups.  This was a #3 hit there, and did well in Detroit thanks to CKLW.  The Guess Who still exists today with one original member.

Chicago – Beginnings/Colour My World

Chicago was so awesome in those days.  “Colour My World” is still a wedding standard, but this single version of “Beginnings” is a hacked-up mess.  Listen to this instead:

There you go.  Much better.

Paul & Linda McCartney – Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

“The butter wouldn’t melt, so I put it in the pie.”  A huge hit that gets little airplay today.  I played the living shit out of this 45.

Here’s the “oh, wow” song of the week.  It wasn’t on the CKVN chart, but was indeed CanCon – read the story behind the song.

Wanna know what the number one song was on CKVN’s Summer Fun ’71 Survey?  I think I got something to say to you:

A huge hit that gets a ton of airplay today.  I played the living shit out of this 45.

This week, count ’em, three reposts from last year featuring the years 1974, 1977, and 1992.  Read them now!

Now post your comments!

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