T10FB Redux: October 14, 1972 – CHUM Toronto


Originally written October 11, 2013.

Good evening, and welcome to Top 10 Flashback, where we look at what various Top 40 radio stations were playing in years past.

Well, it’s time to travel to Canada this week and tune into their premier Top 40 station (besides CKLW – I’m biased), 1050 CHUM in Toronto.  Let’s hear what those wacky Canadians were hearing this week – survey dated October 14, 1972.

There is a podcast again, but I didn’t get a chance to finish the voiceovers, so there are none after song #4.  Just as well – my voice wasn’t exactly up to snuff when I did this, but I tried.  There’s now a podcast-only feature – the “Oh, WOW!” song of the week.  I find one of the songs that radio forgot further down the chart and stick it in here to make you say “Oh, WOW!” You’ll have to download the podcast the find out what it is – and no fair posting it!  Oh, the link:


Ready?  Then take off, you hosers!

Chi Coltrane – Thunder & Lightning

Here’s a funky forgotten favorite.  No flashy bullshit, no phony attitude, no twerking, just a fine-looking woman with genuine soul.  No, I don’t think she’s trying to sound like Janis Joplin.  Not intentionally.

Rick Nelson – Garden Party

The story behind the song is well-known – Rick Nelson did a nostalgia show at Madison Square Garden and was booed off the stage when he did a country song instead of one of his oldies.  So he wrote a song about it.  Like to hear it, here it go!

Three Dog Night – Black And White

This song was written in 1954 about the desegregation of schools, and some of the lyrics were changed in this version.  Oh, I’ve always loved Three Dog Night.

Moody Blues – Nights In White Satin

This song didn’t do well as a seven-minute single in 1967, so they tried again five years later with an edited version and this time it took off.  Phenomenal classic.

Hot Butter – Popcorn

Here you go, techno fans – the very first all-electronic Top 40 hit.  Well, they used real drums, but it was otherwise all Moog, all the time.

Helen Reddy – I Am Woman



I am…what?

Elvis Presley – Burning Love

Elvis’s last great rocker, and a song he didn’t even want to do.  I, for one, am glad he changed his mind.

Lobo – I’d Love You To Want Me

Great example of 70’s soft rock, a sound that is all but extinct.  Too bad.

Chuck Berry – My Ding-A-Ling

Chuck Berry, one of the founding fathers of rock & roll and a charter member of the RRHoF, had only one #1 hit in his entire career.  Name it.

Um…Sweet Little Sixteen?


No Particular Place To Go?


Gotta be Johnny B. Goode!


It was this.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the number one song 41 years ago this week according to 1050 CHUM Toronto:

Yep, Michael Jackson’s first #1 solo hit was a love song sung to a rat.  It only got weirder from there.

Download the mostly finished podcast here:


There we are.  Damn fine top 10 this week if I do say so myself.  Thanks, Canadians!

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  1. Folks have noticed a disturbing lack of announcement at a message board and gazing upon this groovy blog it has been a month since the last apparent update so the listening audience is concerned that a horrible event such as alien abduction has occurred.

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