Top 10 Flashback: August 17, 1967 – WAPE Jacksonville


WAPE Front

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Top 10 Flashback: November 8, 1967 – KGB San Diego


Originally written November 8, 2013.

Hey there, loyal readers!  That time has come once again.  No, not for that, for Top 10 Flashback!

Podcast fans:  there is a podcast this week.  Didn’t have time do do voiceovers, but there are correct jingles and commercials from 1967, mostly for movies.  Download it here:

This week we will head west to San Diego and look at the ten biggest songs on 136/KGB, the station that later gave us the San Diego Chicken.  KGB was a Drake/Chenault “Boss Radio” station at the time, like KHJ, KFRC, and CKLW; this type of tight, no-nonsense sound was taking over from the earlier “personality” formats.

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Top 10 Flashback: April 28, 1967 – KELP El Paso


Originally written April 25, 2014.

All right, here we go again!  Time for us put aside our differences and work toward making this world a better place.  It takes a village, you know, and if we pool our strengths and unite as one, we can step forward into a glorious future.  A world of never-ending happiness…you can always see the sun…aw, fuck it.  Let’s just do a Top 10 flashback!

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