Top 10 Flashback: September 14, 1973 – KSLQ St. Louis


Greetings, loyal readers, and welcome to mid-September.  Summer’s pretty much over now, and one good thing about that is football season!  Our Lions, long the laughingstock of the NFL, actually looked pretty good against the Giants on Monday Night Football, despite all the stupid penalties.  We Lions watchers (a/k/a masochists) have been conditioned to expect a flag on every play, especially if there’s big yardage or a touchdown involved.  No matter, Matthew Stafford is on his way to becoming a veteran QB, and with Golden Tate, he has someone else to throw to besides Megatron.  All right, enough about football.  Let’s kick off another Top 10 flashback! Continue reading

T10FB Redux: August 18, 1973 – KKLS-FM Rapid City, SD


Originally written August 9, 2013.

Good evening, and welcome to Top 10 Flashback!  I’m your host, (name withheld).  This week we’re flashing back to 1973, and we’re doing something a little different this time.  The music surveys we’ve been using so far have come from famous Top 40 stations in major markets such as New York, L.A., San Francisco, Detroit, and Chicago.  But what were they listening to in Flyoverville? Continue reading

Top 10 Flashback: December 21, 1973 – 3XY Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Originally written December 18, 2013.

G’day, mates!  It’s time for a Top 10 flashback, and time to fulfill a request.

A couple of weeks ago, someone asked for a flashback from overseas.  So, as my Christmas gift to you, we will take an excruciatingly long flight to a place where Christmas comes in the summertime; a place where someone might smile and give you a vegemite sandwich, then drive off in his Holden ute.  Yes, we’re tuning in to 3XY in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  Most of these songs are by British artists and will be unfamiliar to us in the States, so I’m learning right along with you.

Continue reading