T10FB Redux: September 2, 1974 – KRIZ Phoenix


Originally written September 1, 2013.

Hi, kids!  It’s time for another Top 10 Flashback, Labor Day edition!  I’m the guy who wastes his time doing this every week.  Looking at what we’ve done so far, I see that we have been giving our friends out west short shrift, so let’s take a look at the top ten songs from this Labor Day and back to school week in 1974 according AM 1230, KRIZ in Phoenix.  Survey dated September 2, 1974. Continue reading

Top 10 Flashback: January 19, 1974 – WCFL Chicago


Originally written January 17, 2014.

All right, it’s Friday night!  You could go out to your favorite nightclub, enjoy several cocktails, meet two hot women with large breasts and no morals, spirit them away to a hotel room where you do coke together and proceed to perform every deviant sex act that comes to mind on each other, after which you all collapse into a sweaty, stinky heap, feeling fully satisfied.  You wake up hours later and find the ladies are gone, along with your wallet, keys, and clothes.  You could do that, or you could just stay home and chill with a Top 10 flashback!  I think we all know what your choice will be… Continue reading