T10FB Redux: August 16, 1978 – WHB Kansas City


Originally written August 17, 2013.

Welcome to another Top 10 Flashback!  Last week, one of our listeners requested a look at 1978, and we aim to please, so here are the top ten songs of 35 years ago this week from AM 710, The New WHB in Kansas City.  Survey dated August 16, 1978, the first anniversary of the death of Elvis. Continue reading

Top 10 Flashback: January 30, 1978 – KXOK St. Louis


Originally written January 31, 2014.

Greetings, loyal readers!  It’s Friday night, and as long as you’re hanging around here, why not sink your Cheetos-stained teeth into a Top 10 flashback?

Here’s a sentence few people utter:  Let’s go to St. Louis! (Admittedly, “Let’s go to Detroit!” is even less common, like, it never happens.  At least STL has an arch.) 630 KXOK can stand toe-to-toe with any station for Top 40 heritage, in fact they were one of the pioneers of the format, but, like virtually all other AM music stations, it had seen better days by 1978, the year we’re visiting this week.  Continue reading