T10FB Redux: September 27, 1980 – KRLA Pasadena/Los Angeles


Originally written September 24, 2013.

All right, y’all, let’s go back 33 years for a Top 10 flashback from this week in 1980.  I was 18 and in the Army, and this was during that month of leave I took before getting shipped off to Germany for two years.  Your fall of ’80 may have been different. Continue reading

T10FB Redux: September 17, 1985 – WJET Erie, PA


Originally written September 11, 2013.

It’s Saturday night, loyal readers, and you know what that means!  No, not another night of fucking supermodels on your yacht as you count your stacks of cash, I’m talking about Top 10 Flashback, Saturday edition!  Our Saturday flashbacks, which are from the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s, have mostly, well, sucked unwiped ass.  Let’s try to change that this week. Continue reading

T10FB Redux: August 22, 1987 – The Billboard Hot 100


Originally written August 24, 2013.

Well, what’s up, Saturday night shut-ins?  It’s time once again for Top 10 Flashback, Saturday edition.  What we’re going to do from now on is feature the 1960’s and 70’s on our Friday show, and give Saturdays to the young ‘uns with flashbacks from the 80’s, 90’s, and even 2000’s.  I will admit that I stopped giving a shit after about 1985, but I feel we should get some younger people in these threads that have more to say than “music sucked back then.” Continue reading

Top 10 Flashback: August 9, 1982 – KNBQ Tacoma


Yo!  Whaddup?  Kickin’ it wit da homiez on Friday, bitchez!  We gonna tear zome zhit up like y’all never zeen!

Now I’ll step out of character (a middle-aged white man pretending to be only 15 years out of date, and failing there) and tell you it’s really tough to type shit like that.  Y’know what else is tough?  Figuring out what year and city I want to use for a Top 10 flashback! Continue reading

Top 10 Flashback: July 4, 1984 – WPRO-FM Providence, RI


All right, loyal readers, it’s the Fourth of July, and we’re off to a late start tonight because I’m doing this:

Well, OK, it’s my brother-in-law that’s actually the family “fireworks guy.”  My sister’s back yard borders an easement owned by the power company, and that’s where everyone from the two surrounding streets lights off their fireworks.  It’s pretty much the unofficial secondary fireworks display of the city she lives in.  So after you’ve barbecued, drank a bunch of beer, and lit off your fireworks, what do you do?  Have another beer and a Top 10 flashback! Continue reading

Top 10 Flashback – February 20, 1988 – The Billboard Hot 100


Originally written February 15, 2014.

OK, here we go again!  We will once again try doing a Saturday T10FB, by the request of one of our readers.  It’s been an on again, off again thing since its inception, and most of the time the thread drops off page 1 fast, and most of the comments are about how bad the music is.  Pop music lost the plot after the mid 80’s, but there are always a few flowers among the weeds, and we’re here to pick them out. Continue reading