T10FB Redux: October 14, 1972 – CHUM Toronto


Originally written October 11, 2013.

Good evening, and welcome to Top 10 Flashback, where we look at what various Top 40 radio stations were playing in years past.

Well, it’s time to travel to Canada this week and tune into their premier Top 40 station (besides CKLW – I’m biased), 1050 CHUM in Toronto.  Let’s hear what those wacky Canadians were hearing this week – survey dated October 14, 1972. Continue reading

Top 10 Flashback: February 17, 1977 – KTNQ Los Angeles


Originally written February 14, 2014.

What’s up, loyal readers?  Sick of winter yet?  (No need for you Californians to answer.)  The snow in my backyard is over halfway up the fence, I have fat icicles hanging halfway down my house, and we’re ecstatic because it might warm up above freezing this weekend.  You can curse the cold and snow, or you can escape to L.A. with a Top 10 flashback! Continue reading

Top 10 Flashback: December 19, 1975 – WPGC Washington, DC


Originally written December 12, 2013.

Yo, brothas and sisters!  What it is!  Time to get fun-KAY with a Top 10 flashback!

This week we will take a trip to our nation’s capital and tune in to WPGC, AM 1580 and FM 95.5, and look at what they were playing 38 years ago this week.  WPGC-FM still exists to this day; their format is known as CHR/Rhythmic, meaning they play a steady stream of hip-hop, occasionally interrupted by “Royals” so they can say they play the hits.  The PGC stands for Prince George County. Continue reading

Top 10 Flashback: January 19, 1974 – WCFL Chicago


Originally written January 17, 2014.

All right, it’s Friday night!  You could go out to your favorite nightclub, enjoy several cocktails, meet two hot women with large breasts and no morals, spirit them away to a hotel room where you do coke together and proceed to perform every deviant sex act that comes to mind on each other, after which you all collapse into a sweaty, stinky heap, feeling fully satisfied.  You wake up hours later and find the ladies are gone, along with your wallet, keys, and clothes.  You could do that, or you could just stay home and chill with a Top 10 flashback!  I think we all know what your choice will be… Continue reading

Top 10 Flashback: October 25, 1971 – WFDF Flint, MI


Originally written October 24, 2013.

Good (time of day you’re reading this), and welcome to Top 10 Flashback, the weekly feature that just won’t go away.

This week we will venture a mere 60 miles north of my hometown to the one city that, per capita, is more dangerous than Detroit.  Yes, I’m talking about Flint, MI, former GM manufacturing hub and hometown of Michael Moore.  This once-proud city is now a complete fucking wasteland – Moore did get it right with “Roger & Me,” and it’s only gotten worse since that film was made nearly 25 years ago.  At least Detroit has some places people might actually want to go, but nobody ever says “Hey, let’s go hang out in Flint.”  Unless they want to get shot or something.

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Top 10 Flashback: March 28, 1971 – KGW Portland


Originally written March 28, 2014.

So, how the hell are you?  Not bad here.  Got the Crown Vic running great now, so I can drive it around while I tend to a few things the Jeep needs.  Then there’s still the matter of my mostly-finished kitchen.  What the hell’s wrong with me?  If biting off more than you can chew isn’t your style, you can just nibble on a Top 10 flashback!

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Top 10 Flashback: November 8, 1967 – KGB San Diego


Originally written November 8, 2013.

Hey there, loyal readers!  That time has come once again.  No, not for that, for Top 10 Flashback!

Podcast fans:  there is a podcast this week.  Didn’t have time do do voiceovers, but there are correct jingles and commercials from 1967, mostly for movies.  Download it here:


This week we will head west to San Diego and look at the ten biggest songs on 136/KGB, the station that later gave us the San Diego Chicken.  KGB was a Drake/Chenault “Boss Radio” station at the time, like KHJ, KFRC, and CKLW; this type of tight, no-nonsense sound was taking over from the earlier “personality” formats.

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Top 10 Flashback: January 25, 1965 – KIMN Denver


Originally written January 24, 2014.

Hey there!  It’s Friday night, and I’m furiously making last-minute preparations for the big day tomorrow.  Yes, the granite countertop is finally going to be installed, along with a flush-mounted sink.  I have to get up early and remove the old stuff, pray everything’s leveled to their satisfaction (95% sure it is), then install the new faucet, drains, disposal, etc. when they’re done.  This is the only job in this kitchen makeover that I had to farm out to a contractor.  Everything else was done by me, my daughter, my sister, and her fiance.  This won’t be the end of the saga – I’m building a wall-to-wall bench for both seating and storage, there’s glass mosaic tile to put up, probably more odds and ends that I’m not even aware of, and eventually new appliances.  Then it’s on to the bathroom!

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Top 10 Flashback: February 10, 1964 – WIBG Philadelphia


Originally written February 6, 2014.

Welcome aboard!  This week we’re gonna do another 50th anniversary special, but this time it will be for a happy occasion.  In November, we looked at the top 10 from when John F. Kennedy was assassinated (https://t10fb.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/top-10-flashback-november-22-1963-klif-dallas/ ), this week we’ll look back a half century to the event many say pulled America out of its doldrums.

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