Top 10 Flashback: January 25, 1965 – KIMN Denver


Originally written January 24, 2014.

Hey there!  It’s Friday night, and I’m furiously making last-minute preparations for the big day tomorrow.  Yes, the granite countertop is finally going to be installed, along with a flush-mounted sink.  I have to get up early and remove the old stuff, pray everything’s leveled to their satisfaction (95% sure it is), then install the new faucet, drains, disposal, etc. when they’re done.  This is the only job in this kitchen makeover that I had to farm out to a contractor.  Everything else was done by me, my daughter, my sister, and her fiance.  This won’t be the end of the saga – I’m building a wall-to-wall bench for both seating and storage, there’s glass mosaic tile to put up, probably more odds and ends that I’m not even aware of, and eventually new appliances.  Then it’s on to the bathroom!

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