Top 10 Flashback: June 15, 1970 – CKLW Windsor/Detroit


Oh my God, he’s back!  Just when we thought we were rid of that blowhard…

Yes, loyal readers, tonight marks the return of Top 10 Flashback after a hiatus of several weeks.  It all started when my job took me to Toledo for a week.  The best thing to be said about Toledo is that it’s only 75 miles from home.  I could have just commuted, but hey, I had a room!  After I got back, I spent Memorial Day weekend in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, specifically the Marquette area, to visit someone I hadn’t seen in years.  If not for the long, cold, snowy winters and the lack of jobs, I could totally do the U.P.  It’s such a nice, slow, peaceful way of life; the kind of life where going to a place like Wal-Mart is an all-day excursion.  Oh, it’s not perfect – for one, they’ve got a real problem with meth there.  I suppose you’ll do fine if you steer clear of those people.  I drove the Crown Vic, which stood out like a sore thumb up there, and it averaged 23 mpg at a steady 75-80 mph.  Not bad for what it is.  Then, well, hell, I just decided to take a few weeks off. Continue reading

Top 10 Flashback: November 4, 1982 – WHYT Detroit


Originally written October 30, 2013.

What’s up, loyal readers?  It ain’t really the weekend until you get your Top 10 Flashback, so let’s get this weekend started!

Looking at what we’ve done so far, I noticed we haven’t looked back at 1982 yet.  Let’s correct that this week.  Continue reading

Top 10 Flashback: April 12, 1976 – WDRQ-FM Detroit


Originally written April 11, 2014.

Well!  Hey!  Hangin’ out with y’all once again on a Friday night here in the D.  It’s not so cold here any more; it got up to 70 yesterday!  Yes, Fahrenheit.  And, well, we’re getting unwanted national attention once again.  If anything positive comes out of the Steve Utash tragedy, it hopefully will mark the point where everyone, black and white, finally stands up and says “Enough of this shit!”  In a couple of threads about this crime, I mentioned that I actually lived in that neighborhood 20-25 years ago, and it was clean, decent, and relatively safe.  Then they let the cops and firemen move out of the city.  Go ahead, rip on Detroit.  We can take it.  All you have to take in return is a Top 10 flashback! Continue reading