T10FB Redux: September 27, 1980 – KRLA Pasadena/Los Angeles


Originally written September 24, 2013.

All right, y’all, let’s go back 33 years for a Top 10 flashback from this week in 1980.  I was 18 and in the Army, and this was during that month of leave I took before getting shipped off to Germany for two years.  Your fall of ’80 may have been different. Continue reading

Top 10 Flashback: July 20, 1969 – KHJ Los Angeles


Well, good Sunday, loyal readers!  No, I didn’t go on hiatus again, I was coaxed out of retirement to host a family friend’s wedding reception  Friday night.  Had to set up both the DJ system and a projector/screen for a video slideshow.  Had a great time, saw some people I hadn’t seen since the late 90’s, got to check out a few well-dressed hotties half my age, and made some extra money.  Thinking about hanging my shingle back up.  You can hire me as a DJ or karaoke host for your wedding or other event, or you can just hit me up for a Top 10 flashback! Continue reading

Top 10 Flashback: February 17, 1977 – KTNQ Los Angeles


Originally written February 14, 2014.

What’s up, loyal readers?  Sick of winter yet?  (No need for you Californians to answer.)  The snow in my backyard is over halfway up the fence, I have fat icicles hanging halfway down my house, and we’re ecstatic because it might warm up above freezing this weekend.  You can curse the cold and snow, or you can escape to L.A. with a Top 10 flashback! Continue reading